Post-Doctoral Position : Modelling of fracturing mechanisms in unconsolidated sand reservoirs under fluid injection

Context In hydrocarbons producing fields, Produced Water Re-Injection (PWRI) is known as an economically attractive and environmentally friendly method to manage the produced water. This method has the advantage to maintain the pressure level in the reservoir in order to enhance the hydrocarbon production. However, this technique faces challenges such as the deterioration of the […]

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PhD : Modeling of the behavior of a fractured porous medium submitted to gas pressurization

Context In the context of the Cigéo project, the excavation of underground galleries in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone induces a network of fractures around the excavated zone. This fracturing exhibits a typical profile of propagation in mixed I/II mode, which originates from the instantaneous discharge of the claystone after excavation. The topology and spatial extent of […]

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PhD position : Experimental and numerical investigation of environmental factors affecting grain crushing

Joint PhD position at UCLouvain and Ecole des Ponts in Geomechanics Grain breakage is a common occurrence in granular media when the intergranular forces exceed the individual particle strength and is of major importance in many areas of geosciences. Experimental evidences suggest that particle breakage may significantly influence the mechanical behavior of the material promoting […]

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