Navier 1point5

Several members of our laboratory have started thinking about the environmental footprint of the research activities conducted at Laboratoire Navier. Following these discussions, the Navier 1point5 focus group was created in 2022. Its missions consist of:

  • Providing a regular, accurate estimation of the carbon footprint of the research activities of Laboratoire Navier,
  • Conducting mediation and raising awareness on climate change, through the organisation of Fresques du Climat, Ateliers 2 tonnes, by displaying posters and by organising vegetarian lunches,
  • Identifying the most efficient pathways and actions to reduce our lab’s carbon footprint while maintaining high-quality research activities,
  • Submitting these actions and pathways to a vote in the laboratory to achieve our carbon footprint goals.

In the framework of these missions, we are here presenting the 2022 carbon footprint of the laboratory, done by Mamadou Faye following the methodology of Labos 1point5.

Our emissions are in line of the laboratories enlisted in the GDR Labos 1point5 (see, e.g. the 2022 footprint of Isterre)