Alexandros Theocharis

Chercheur Postdoctoral


  • 2018: Post-Doctoral research, NTU of Athens, Greece
  • 2017: PhD, Department of Mechanics, NTU of Athens, Greece, on “Discrete element method simulations within anisotropic critical state theory of granular materials. Supervisor: Prof. Y.F. Dafalias.
  • 2015: MSc in Applied Mechanics, NTU of Athens, Greece
  • 2011: 5-year BSc & Masters (Diploma) in Civil Engineering, NTU of Athens, Greece

Sélection d'articles

  • Vairaktaris, E., Theocharis, A. I., Dafalias, Y. F. (2018). Correlation of fabric tensors for granular materials using 2D DEM. Acta Geotechnica,
  • Theocharis, A. I., Vairaktaris, E., Dafalias, Y. F., & Papadimitriou, A. G. (2017). Proof of incompleteness of critical state theory in granular mechanics and its remedy. Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 143(2)
  • Theocharis, A. I., Vairaktaris, E., Dafalias, Y. F. (2017). Scan line void fabric anisotropy tensors of granular media. Granular Matter, 19 (4)
  • Bouckovalas, G. D., Tsiapas, Y. Z., Theocharis, A. I., & Chaloulos, Y. K. (2016). Ground response at liquefied sites: seismic isolation or amplification? Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering,