28 June 2019

Séminaire Navier : Patrick Huber (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)

Adsorption-Induced Deformation, Fluid Transport and Rheology of Liquids in Nanoporous Materials
(Courtesy P. Huber)

The advent of tailorable nanoporous materials, most prominently nanoporous silica glass, silicon, and gold allows one to explore the adsorption, rheology and transport of liquids in well-defined model geometries [1]. However, also the interaction of the fluids with the porous media and the resulting deformation on the nanoscopic, single-pore and on the macroscopic, porous-medium scale can be explored in detail. In my talk I will present experimental studies on evaporation, on fluid sorption-induced deformation [2] and on the capillarity-driven flow of liquids in extreme spatial confinement [3. The building blocks of the fluids investigated is varied from simple hydrocarbons to liquid crystals, polymers, and water. The rheology of the liquids is related to those of the bulk systems. Some attention is also paid to the external control of both sorption-induced deformation as well as the imbibition phenomenology by external stimuli, in particular by external hydraulic pressures [4] and electrical potentials [5].

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28 June 2019, 11h0012h00
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, salle B203