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Current PhDs & Postdocs

Antoine Aubel

I’m Antoine and I graduated from ENSCI Limoges. My PhD work at Navier Lab with Xavier Chateau and Julie Goyon focuses on rheology of model cement pastes at an early age. The goal of this study is to better understand how chemical additives such as superplasticizers modify colloidal interactions, which control the behavior of fresh cement pastes. To this end, we use a model material (monodisperse silica particles) having controlled properties to prepare pastes with and without superplasticizers. By combining rheometry tests and experiments with laser tweezers, we try to link the rheological properties of these pastes to the contact properties between particles. This fundamental understanding can help to better control the formulation of cementitious pastes used in industrial processes.


Former PhDs & Postdocs


Blandine Feneuil

Hi ! I started my PhD in 2015 with Olivier Pitois and Nicolas Roussel to work on cement foams. I prepared highly controlled samples, with all bubbles of the same size and measured their rheological properties. My main objective was to understand how to optimize cement paste formulation to obtain stable samples, i.e. to avoid bubbles growth and migration.

After my PhD, i decided to keep on working in rheology by doing a postdoc at the University of Oslo. My project deals with drilling fluids; I investigate experimentally particle sedimentation in emulsions.


Aymeric Mouquet

Hello everyone, I’m Aymeric. After I graduated from ENSC Rennes, I started my PhD in November 2015 with Saint-Gobain Recherche and Navier Laboratory. This work focused on studying foam films mechanics with a confined structure because of their low thickness. Using a precise microfluidic foaming method developed in Navier laboratory and based on aqueous polymer dispersion, we managed to generate controlled monodisperse, polydisperse and bidisperse structures. Thanks to the use of X-ray tomography along with mechanical characterization, we quantified the confinement-induced order and highlighted the particular mechanical behaviour of these different structures.

 This PhD project was funded by Saint-Gobain Recherche. I had the chance to work with Olivier Pitois, Yacine Khidas and Xavier Chateau in Navier laboratory and with Tamar Saison and Jean-Yvon Faou in Saint-Gobain Recherche.


Asmaa Kaddami

Hello! I’m Asmaa Kaddami. I started my PhD with Pr. Olivier Pitois in October 2016, and my co-supervisor was Vincent Langlois. I worked on the elaboration of geopolymer foams with highly controlled morphology and the study of their functional properties. Geopolymers are an exciting class of eco-frienly binders used in various applications such as fire-resistance and thermal and acoustic insulation. Adding bubbles to these materials makes them even more exciting, and that was the first chapter of my work alongside investigating the stability of fresh geopolymer foam before its hardening. As a result, solid monodisperse geopolymer foams with controlled microstructure (pore size and air volume fraction) were produced. This enabled us to study transport properties in these materials, like air permeability, water imbibition and acoustics, and their dependency on foam morphology.