Online seminars on FEniCS/MFront – Session 1

Online seminars on FEniCS/MFront – Session 1

TEAMS webinar
3 Nov 2020

Session 1 : Tuesday, November 3 rd – 1:45pm
Jérémy Bleyer (Navier) : Overview of the FEniCS finite-element software package

The FEniCS project is an open-source platform dedicated to the formulation and resolution of partial differential equations. Thanks to its Python interface, FEniCS enables to write concisely the weak formulation of any physical model and automatically generate optimised C++ code associated with its finite-element discretization. FEniCS has been especially developed for parallel computations for HPC applications.

In this first talk, we will present the main features of FEniCS using applications in mechanics. The large majority of examples are taken from a series of numerical tours of computational mechanics available here:

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