Online seminars on FEniCS/MFront – Session 3

Online seminars on FEniCS/MFront – Session 3

TEAMS webinar
20 Nov 2020

Session 3 : Friday, November 20th – 1:45pm
Thomas Helfer/Jérémy Bleyer : The MFrontGenericInterfaceSupport project and its binding with FEniCS

In this third talk, we will briefly present the MGIS (MFrontGenericInterfaceSupport, project and MFront’s generic interface which enables standardized coupling with any computing code (e.g. finite-elements, FFT, etc.) thanks to bindings available in Fortran, C, Python, Julia, etc. [1].

We will then present the mgis.fenics module which enables using MFront constitutive laws inside FEniCS. In particular, we will illustrate the potentialities offered by such a binding through examples of various complexity: e.g. small-strain elastoviscoplasticity, large-strain plasticity, non-linear heat transfer, strongly coupled thermoelasticity, multiphase models, phase-field brittle fracture, etc.

[1] Helfer, T., Bleyer, J., Frondelius, T., Yashchuk, I., Nagel, T., & Naumov, D. (2020). The MFrontGenericInterfaceSupport project. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(48), 2003.

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