Online seminars on FEniCS/MFront – Session 2

Teams Webinar
13 Nov 2020

Session 2 : Friday, November 13th – 1:45pm
Thomas Helfer (CEA) : MFront: a code generator dedicated to material knowledge

MFront ( is an open-source project started by CEA and EDF aiming at building a rigorous material knowledge management strategy and ease the transfer of this knowledge from R&D laboratory to engineering studies. Implementations of advance mechanical constitutive laws is one of its most salient usage. MFront has three main objectives:
• ease of use
• portability: The same implementation can be used in various solvers, including Cast3M, code aster, Europlexus, Abaqus Standard, Abaqus Explicit, Ansys, etc…
• numerical efficiency

MFront has significantly evolved since it has been release in open-source. This talk will provide a overview of the current state of the project with a specific focus on the latest developments: generalised behaviours (multiphysics and/or non local), the StandardElastoViscoPlasticity brick, etc.

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