Bienvenüe B443

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Xavier Chateau

Senior Research Fellow CNRS

Professor Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Head of the doctoral school SIE
Head of the master program “Materials Science for Sustainable Construction"


Research Topic

  • Colloidal and non-colloidal suspensions
  • Rheology, macroscopic modeling, aging and liquid/solid transitions
  • Multiscale approach to the behavior of paste and suspensions
  • Modeling of heterogeneous materials
  • Bubble suspensions, aerated materials


  • Complex Fluids, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
  • Continuum Mechanics, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
  • Transport Phenomena, Univ Eiffel and Univ Paris-Est Créteil
  • Engineering Rheology, Ecole des P,nts ParisTech

Selected articles

  • X. Chateau, Q. S. Nguyen, Buckling of elastic structures in unilateral contact with friction. Eur. J. Mech., A/solids, 10(1): 71–89, 1991.
  • O. Pitois, P. Moucheront, X. Chateau, Liquid bridge between two moving spheres: an experimental study of viscosity effects. J. Colloid Int. Sci., 231: 26–31, 2000.
  • X. Chateau, L. Dormieux, Micromechanics of saturated and unsaturated porous media. Int. J. Numer. Meth. Geomech., 26: 831–844, 2002.
  • X. Chateau, P. Moucheront, O. Pitois, Micromechanics of unsaturated granular materials, J. of Eng. Mechanics, ASCE, 128(8): 856–863, 2002.
  • X. Chateau, G. Ovarlez, K. L. Trung, Homogenization approach to the behavior of suspensions of noncolloidal particles in yield stress fluids. J. of Rheol., 52(2): 489–506, 2008.
  • T. S. Vu, G. Ovarlez, X. Chateau, Macroscopic behavior of bidisperse suspensions of noncolloidal particles in yield stress fluids. J. of Rheol., 54(4), 815-833, 2010.
  • G. Ovarlez, F. Bertrand, P. Coussot, X. Chateau, Shear-induced sedimentation in yield stress fluids J. N. N. F. M., 177-178, 19-28, 2012.
  • G. Ovarlez, F. Mahaut, S. Deboeuf, N. Lenoir, S. Hormozi, X. Chateau, Flows of suspensions of par- ticles in yield stress fluids. J. of Rheol., 59(6), 1449-1486, 2015.
  • H. Fahs, G. Ovarlez, X. Chateau, Pair-particle trajectories in a shear flow of a Bingham fluid. J. N. N. F. M., 261, 171-187, doi=10.1016/j.jnnfm.2018.07.010, 2018.
  • F. Bonacci, X. Chateau, E. M. Furst, J. Fusier, J. Goyon, A. Lemaître, Contact and macroscopic aging in collodal suspensions, Nature Materials, 19(7) , 775-780, 2020.