Carnot B113


Alain Corfdir


Ingénieur général des ponts, des eaux et des forêts


2000-present: Geotechnical team, Navier laboratory.

1997-1999: Interministerial mission on the greenhouse effect. Senior advisor, responsible for the “Buildings” and “Transport” fields.

1993 -1997: Researcher at the Center for Education and Research in Calculation of Structures and Structures, ENPC.

1991 -1993: Department of Research and Scientific and Technical Affairs of the Ministry of Equipment. Project manager for traffic management, freight transport, guided transport.

1987-1990: Technical Studies Department for Roads and Motorways, in charge of the “Exploitation of the Road" objective.

1983 -1987: Technical Service for Lighthouses and Beacons. Head of the “Projects" department.

Research topics

Retaining structures, reinforced earth

Calculation methods, plane problems and BEM

Mechanical behavior of interfaces


Retaining structures and their modelling, Master MSROE

Selected publications

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