Carnot V123


Arthur Lebée


Ingénieur des Ponts des Eaux et Forêts
Maitre de conférence de l’École des Ponts ParisTech

Research topics

Homogenization and advanced structural modeling
Generalized continua and Architectured materials
Folds and Origami for design structures and microstructures
Mechanical modeling of timber structures


Homogenization of Thick and Heterogeneous Plates
K. Sab, A. Lebée , Wiley-ISTE, 2015

Research projects

ANR Project on Architectured Materials: ArchiMatHOS (2018-2022)

“Architectured materials designed with higher-order homogenization”

The primary objective of this project is to generate new architectured materials featuring non-standard properties by means of higher-order asymptotic homogenization techniques and topology optimization procedures. The team involves the following labs: Imath, Institut Elie Cartan, MSME, LEM3, LNCC

Fitting surfaces with origami Tessellations

Whereas a smooth sheet of paper may fit only developable surfaces, once folded, origami tessellations seems to fit a broader family of surfaces. This project investigates these non-trivial surfaces and the corresponding smooth mechanical models.

The case of Miura Ori

The case of the “Eggbox pattern”

Mechanical modeling of CLT panels

Cross Laminated Timber panels, (CLT) are structural members made of several layers of board stacked crosswize to form a plate. Because wood is highly anisotropic and these panels features several scales of heterogenity (annual ring, board, layer and plate) they require advanced mechanical and structural modeling

Higher-order elasto-plastic beam models

Higher-order beam models in small perturbation were formulated and implemented in partnership with Strains Engineering. These models are based on asymptotic methods. The influence of the load distribution in the beam section as well as the effect of inelastic strains (thermal dilatation, humidity etc) are finely taken into account. This allowed us to extend the formulation to elasto-plasticity and apply it to steel frames and also reinforced concrete.


Lecturer at École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées,
Part time assistant professor at École Polytechnique  (since 2017/09)

Design Workshop at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (since 2008)


Students design and construct shelters inspired by origami (2017)

Corrugated cardboard bridges

Students designs, and construct a 6m span footbridge (2009, 2010, 2013 , 2015, 2016)

Model reduction applied to plates (since 2013)

Master AMMS, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Dimensional reduction methods, Variational principles in linear elasticity, anisotropic elasticity, plates models


Researcher at Laboratoire Navier (since 2011/09)
Post Doctorat on structural reliability at Berkeley (California) with Pr. Der Kiureghian (Sept. 2010 – Oct. 2011)
PhD “Thick periodic plates homogenization, application to sandwich panels including chevron folded core” advised by Pr. Karam Sab (Sept. 2007 – Sept. 2010)
Master research project: « pre-industrial study of a sheet folding process » at CEMEF, École des Mines de Paris (Apr. 2007 – Aug 2007)
Master of Science École des Ponts ParisTech (Sept. 2005 – sept. 2007)
Bachelor at École Polytechnique (2002 – 2005)


2013 Daniel Valentin award from Association pour les MAtériaux Composites, AMAC
PhD award ParisTech (2011)
PhD award Université Paris Est (2010)

Student supervision

  • 2018/10 – 2021/10 Doctorat Characterization and modeling of rolling shear creep for CLT Panels
    Charlotte Allemand, Directeur de thèse: Pr. Gilles Forêt, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Nicolas Pinoteau (CSTB)
  • 2018/10 – 2021/10 Doctorat Modeling and experimental characterization of an origami meta-material
    Baptiste Durand, Directeur de thèse: Pr. Karam Sab, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Pr. Pierre Seppecher (Imath, Univ. Toulon)
  • 2017/10 – 2020/10 Doctorat Multi-scale analysis and optimization of slender heterogeneous structures
    Adrien Lesage, Directeur de thèse: Pr. Frédéric Legoll, Encadrants: Virginie Ehrlacher (CERMICS), Arthur Lebée
  • 2015/10 – 2018/10 Doctorat Optimization of a composite piano soundboard
    Pierre Margerit, Directeur de thèse: Pr. JEan François Caron, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée
  • 2015/10 – 2016/10 PostDoc Fold tesselations as meta-surface
    Hussein Nassar, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Laurent Monasse (CERMICS)
  • 2015/01 – 2018/01 Doctorat Elasto-plastic beam with higher order models
    Grégoire Corre, Directeur de thèse: Pr. Karam Sab, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Xavier Cespedes (Strains), Khalil Ferradi (Strains)
  • 2014/09 – 2015/12 Doctorat A new higher order beam model and its finite element implementation
    Khalil Ferradi, Directeur de thèse: Pr. Karam Sab, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Xavier Cespedes (Strains)
  • 2014/03– 2017/09 Master & Ph.D Stability & strength of Cross Laminated Timber panels
    Olivier Perret, Directeur de thèse: Pr. Karam Sab, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Cyril Douthe
  • 2013/10 – 2016/09 Doctorat Form-finding of elastic structures: application to gridshells
    Yannick Masson, Co-direction: Alexandre Ern (CERMICS) & Olivier Baverel, Encadrants: Laurent Monasse (CERMICS), Arthur Lebée, Laurent Hauswirth (LAMA)
  • 2013/10 – 2016/10 Doctorat Thermo-mechanical modeling of cross laminated timber panels
    Lorenzo Franzoni, Directeur de thèse: Pr. Gilles Foret, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Florent Lyon (CSTB)
  • 2014/04 – 2014/08 PFE Design & optimization of composite repair patches
    Taha Talbi, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Pr. Gilles Foret
  • 2013/02 – 2013/07 Master Buckling strength of a ship hull periodically reinforced
    Jun Zhao, Encadrant: Arthur Lebée
  • 2013/03 – 2013/09 Master Fire strength of glue laminated beams with polyurethane adhesives
    Morgane Mahaud, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Florent Lyon (CSTB)
  • 2013/02 – 2013/07 Master Effects of invariances in generalized continua: application to periodic plates
    Rémy Pochez, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Nicolas Auffray (MSME)
  • 2013/04 – 2013/08 PFE Parametric study of composite repair patches
    Sonia Ayoub, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée, Pr. Gilles Foret
  • 2012/04 – 2012/08 PFE Linear elastic behavior of a ship hull periodically reinforced
    Sameh Melhem, Encadrants: Arthur Lebée
  • 2012/02 – 2012/07 Master Homogenization of space frames
    Herilala Randriatsilany, Advisor: Arthur Lebée