Bâtiment Carnot - Aile Belgrand - B123

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Mathias Lebihain

Associate professor (tenured)


Research interests

My research revolves around the emergence of effective mechanical properties from heterogeneities and multi-physics coupling, in the fields of fracture, friction, and adhesion. What unites these seemingly diverse domains is their describability, to varying degrees, through advanced theoretical models rooted in (non-)linear fracture mechanics. My approach to research is multi-faceted and dynamic. I combine model experiments, large-scale numerical simulations, and rigorous theoretical analyses to gain comprehensive insights into the intricate processes at play. While the outcomes of my investigations predominantly contribute to fundamental knowledge, I seek opportunities to correlate my findings with pertinent engineering challenges, such as composite design or fluid induced seismicity.

In particular, I am interested in:

  • Multi-scale approaches for the homogenization of fracture, friction and adhesive properties of heterogeneous media.
  • Mechanics of fluid-driven fractures in porous media.
  • Development of analytical solutions for three-dimensional fracture propagation under multi-physics coupling.
  • Numerical approaches for large-scale three-dimensional crack propagation in composite materials.