Recently, additive manufacturing and topology optimization allowed a rupture in material sciences called “material by design” where it becomes possible to design and fabricate materials with a given microstructure. Such materials are referred to as architectured materials because their effective properties arise not only from the constitutive material but also from the regular microstructure. These materials are raising high interest because they allow the fabrication of materials which may not be found in nature: meta-materials.

Multiscale modelling and homogenization play a central role in this science area since they are the keys for capturing the effective behavior of such Architected materials.

ANR Project on Architectured Materials: ArchiMatHOS (2018-2022)

“Architectured materials designed with higher-order homogenization”

The primary objective of this project is to generate new architectured materials featuring non-standard properties by means of higher-order asymptotic homogenization techniques and topology optimization procedures. The team involves the following lab: Imath, Institut Elie Cartan, MSME, LEM3, LNCC

Fitting surfaces with origami Tessellations

Whereas a smooth sheet of paper may fit only developable surfaces, once folded, origami tessellations seems to fit a broader family of surfaces. This project investigates these non-trivial surfaces and the corresponding smooth mechanical models

The case of  Miura Ori