Innovative structures

Contact : Cyril Douthe

Olivier Baverel, Cyril Douthe, Jean-françois Caron, Romain Mesnil

The MSA team uses its knowledge of materials and structures at different scales to offer an original approach to structural innovation: from meta-materials to blob architecture. It relies for this on:

  • advanced numerical calculations (strongly non-linear problems, contact, plasticity, large displacements, explosion),
  • two large robotic cells (concrete printing and collaborative machining),
  • mechanical models of complex behavior (shape memory alloy, layered materials, concrete rheology, etc.),
  • academic partnerships (LIGM for vision aspects, CERMICS for generalized environments, LAMA for geometry, GSA for architectural applications, etc.),
  • multiple industrial partnerships from the strat-up to the major construction companies (CSTB, TESS, VINCI, LafargeHolcim, Egis, Setec, Arcora, Ingerop, Xtree, etc.).