Rheophysics and porous media

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Research Scientists

Xavier Chateau
François Chevoir
Philippe Coussot
Abdoulaye Fall
Julie Goyon
Yacine Khidas
Vincent Langlois
Anaël Lemaître
Julien Léopoldes
Olivier Pitois
Nicolas Roussel
Jean‐Noël Roux
Florence Rouyer

Ingineers &

Benjamin Maillet
Jaime Gil Rocas
Laurent Tocquer
Patrick Belin

PhD students &


Our team counts 14 researchers, 4 engineers & technicians, and about fifteens PhD students & postdocs. We are specialized in the study and the modeling of the properties of complex materials made of solid particles, drops or bubbles, suspended in one or several fluids. We also study transport properties in porous media. Our studies combine both experimental and theoretical approaches, as well as numerical simulations, from continuous to discrete methods. They focus mainly on granular materials, colloidal and non‐colloidal suspensions, foams and bubbly materials, gels, porous materials, woods, capillary systems, … The main domains of application of our research are the materials for construction, energy and environment.


Coarsening of foam made from yield stress fluids

Coarsening of foam made from yield stress fluids

M2 Internship/PhD 2021 advertisement   Coarsening of foam made from yield stress fluids   Discipline: Soft Matter Physics Funding: European…

Research Topics

Porous Media
Building Insulation Materials
Liquid Foams & Interfaces
Granular Media
Pastes & Colloidal Suspensions

Cementitious Materials