Contact : Gilles Foret

The “Mechanical Tests” platform enables the characterization of a wide spectrum of materials (construction materials, organic matrix composites, etc.) and structural components with different types of loads: static, fatigue, multi-axial loads.

Quasi-static tests :

  • Electromechanical tension-compression: Inströn 3365, 6022 – MTS DY31, DY 35, 20 / M – 3R SYNTECH II -Shimadzu AGS-300kNX. Range of load cells between 10N and 300kN. Thermal chambers and strain measurement by strain gauges and optics.
  • 3R 3000kN capacity hydraulic compression
  • Bending apparatus with hydraulic cylinder with a capacity of 450kN (alternating fatigue with frequency up to 3Hz)

Essais de fatigue :

  • MTS hydraulic tension-compression / torsion machine with a capacity of 100kN / 1600Nm
  • Hydraulic cylinders with a capacity of 20kN to 200kN adapted on test frames designed for tensile, compression and bending tests