Baptiste Durand

PhD student

Research topics

  • Homogenization
  • Static behavior of elastic metamaterials
  • Generalized continua

Doctoral research project

Multi-scale modelling of an origami-inspired elastic metamaterial and experimental characterization of its mechanical properties

NAVIER Laboratory (UMR 8205), Architectural Materials and Structures team (MSA)
2018 – 2021 (expected date)

Thesis advisors


ANR Project on Architectured Materials: ArchiMatHOS (2018-2022)

This doctoral research project is part of the ANR project ArchiMatHOS “Architectured materials designed with higher-order homogenization”.

The primary objective of this project is to generate new architectured materials featuring non-standard properties by means of higher-order asymptotic homogenization techniques and topology optimization procedures. The team involves the following labs: Imath, Institut Elie Cartan, MSME, LEM3, LNCC



  • Teaching assistant,
    Pratiques de codes de calculs de structures et applications with the software Abaqus,
    Master 2, Sorbonne Université UFR d’Ingénierie
  • Teaching assistant,
    Mécanique des milieux continus, partie 1 : Solides
    1st year of engineering program, École des Ponts ParisTech
  • Teaching assistant,
    Finite element modeling with Abaqus,
    2nd year of engineering program, École des Ponts ParisTech