Design and manufacture of experimental devices

Contact : David Hautemayou


The transversal technical team (ETT) is responsible for the design, manufacture, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure elements and experimental devices. It responds to requests concerning all experimental rooms and more particularly, platforms coupled to the Magnetic Resonance Imager and to the X-ray micro-tomograph. Its role is to adapt test machines and develop original, modular and ergonomic devices integrated into large instruments. It has developed skills and know-how to respect the specific constraints of imagers and insertable devices.n X.


The mechanical manufacturing workshop is composed of a semi-digital lathe with a maximum diameter of 250, length 700 (dimensions in millimeters), a conventional milling machine with a capacity of 750x300x470. But also drill presses, power saws, grinders and a large stock of raw materials. The editing room is equipped with a 70 × 200 marble with dedicated screws and hardware. The electronic part is equipped with a complete workstation and a printed circuit burner. The 3d printing is performed by an SLA stereolithography machine, capacity 125x125x165 with isopropanol alcohol bath post treatment and ultraviolet oven. As well as an FDM molten material deposition machine, single material, capacity 250x200x200.

Achievements and set-ups

Since January 2008, the ETT has completed more than 100 projects. On the one hand, on the imaging platforms: MRI: 5 infrastructure elements and 13 experimental devices, Micro-tomograph: 2 infrastructure elements and 2 experimental devices. On the other hand, on the experimental devices of the research teams: 65 in Rheophysics and Porous, 10 in Multi-Scale, 4 in MSA, 1 in Geotechnics.
ETT members are cited 20 times in HAL.